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OneAston Analytics becomes BGFi

As part of the alliance between OneAston and the Positive Thinking Company in 2018, a new offer dedicated to BI, Big Data & Data science was launched under the name of OneAston Analytics. Given the success of this initiative and to leverage the strength of the Positive Thinking Company in this domain, the Data & Analytics expertise will now be offered under a single brand: BGFi.

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Where BI and Big Data Analytics is the key to success

OneAston, which provides value added function and services to leading industry software platforms and in-house solutions across the wealth management and corporate banking markets, has extended its activities to Data Analytics. OneAston is able to cover the complete BI and Big data project scope, from audit and recommendations to the implementation of tailor-made solutions.

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OneAston operates with a unique combination of talent and expertise to guide clients in implementing the most appropriate solution to meet their needs. We can commence from reviewing current requirements and practices to completing architecture and design workshops and the delivery of solution prototypes.

Providing a clear understanding of your analytics requirements and current practices

Designing a solution architecture which provides the right fit for the requirements and objectives

Completing a one day solutioning workshop that will turn your thinking upside down and explore challenges from different perspectives

Completing a prototype to model the solution to be implemented. As a quick win, the prototype can be reused as in building the final solution

To ensure an excellence in our service, OneAston provides expert technical consultants certified in leading tools such as Alteryx, IBM Analytics Tools or Tableau Software, who have a deep understanding of the analytics environment and help transform your data into a useable asset for your business.


Your success is our project

We are solution oriented, so we can intervene at every level in the project lifecycle.

Implementation and Licensing

Self Service Analytics Offer

Via our partnership with BGFI, OneAston is able to leverage a wide range of experience and partnership with Alteryx combined with Tableau Software certification. OneAston has developed a comprehensive Self Service solution extending from the preparation stage to the data visualisation. Supported from implementation to coaching, OneAston empowers your business team by removing the shadow IT process and delivers five key advantages:

  • Time-to-market
  • Agility
  • Governance process
  • New analytics capabilities
  • Advanced Analytics

Partnership IBM Analytics

Leveraging our relationship with BGFI which is a partner since 2002 and more recently achieving a Platinum partnership, IBM has decided to go beyond Europe in its collaborating with BGFi and OneAston to export its solution to the Asian market.


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