Automating Corporate Actions

Managing voluntary corporate actions and the associated election flow can quite often be difficult and result in a significant amount of manual processing. OneEvent is a flexible corporate actions module which provides an automatic platform for mandatory and elective corporate actions processing.

The OneEvent solution includes an integration layer which allows it to be easily interfaced with leading Wealth Management platforms and is delivered with a standard interface to the Triple'A solution delivered by Temenos.


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Functional Overview

OneEvent includes the following key functions:

  • Supports SWIFT message formats for the importation of corporate action events from the custodian
  • Supports both Mandatory and Elective corporate actions
  • Can import customer positions from an external system in order to filter which corporate actions affect which customers
  • Includes a standard workflow for the management of elective corporate actions
  • Provides an operations dashboard to monitor corporate action processing and highlight if any issues/errors are encountered
  • Allows manual correction/adjustment of corporate action announcements based on a four-eyes verification method
  • Provides a Relationship Manager dashboard for the monitoring of corporate actions effecting the RMs customers and the status of response to elections
  • Will generate the resulting allocation transactions which can be interfaced back to the position management system
  • Reduces errors and compliance exposure in managing corporate actions via the audit and dashboard monitoring¬†
  • Automated positions matching with custodians
  • Standard interface to the IDC corporate action feed

When used in conjunction with OneNotify, notifications can be sent to Operations staff, Relationship Managers, and even clients to notify them of the various corporate action events affecting their portfolios.

Technical Overview

OneEvent is a Java based application and will support both the JBoss and Websphere application servers in a windows, Unix or Linux environment. It operates with an open database layer and can be implemented on Sybase, MS SQL and Oracle.