Providing Solution Connectivity

OneExchange provides a comprehensive information exchange facility allowing data to be transferred between different systems using a variety of protocol formats. The system can be used simply to transfer data files from one location to another using standard protocols, but can also perform more complicated functions such as exchanging market orders from a front office system to trading platforms and similarly returning execution details. The system has an in-built transfer scheduling facility which allows data transfers to be conducted at given times, depending on the incoming and outgoing message frequencies of the upstream and downstream systems.

The OneExchange solution is delivered with an integration layer which allows it to be easily interfaced with leading Wealth Management platforms, and is delivered with a standard interface to the Triple'A solution delivered by Temenos.


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Functional Overview

OneExchange includes the following key functions:

  • FTP, SFTP, HTTP, SSL file transfer support
  • Includes transaction logging for restart/recovery processing
  • Delivered with a configurable transaction archiving facility
  • Allows the creation of a flexible polling service for transfer initiation
  • Inbuilt FIX protocol support for connecting to trade execution systems
  • JMS ready
  • Allows the transfer and delivery of files via Email
  • Access through a User Interface or command line execution for embedding in batch script processing

Technical Overview

OneExchange is a Java based application and will operate in a windows, Unix or Linux environment.