Enhancing Customer Communication

With the growth of digital channels, the importance of more timely communication with customers becomes increasingly important. OneNotify provides a flexible notification system which allows messages to be sent to customers based on events which occur in their core transaction processing systems. Notification messages can be flexibly defined and can be sent to internal and external users by a number of channels, including SMS, WeChat or Email.

The OneNotify solution includes an integration layer which allows it to be easily interfaced with leading Wealth Management platforms and is delivered with a standard interface to the Triple'A and T24 solutions delivered by Temenos.


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Functional Overview

OneNotify includes the following key functions:

  • Allows the creation of a notification message based on the events in external systems
  • Notifications can be sent via email, SMS and WeChat
  • Notification messages can be sent in multiple languages, depending on the preference of the customer
  • Using a database look-up, data can be extracted from the external system and included in the message
  • Multiple user profiles or destination addresses can be configured for receipt of the notification message
  • Predefined message formats for a number of typical wealth management events, such as account opening, transaction execution, credit monitoring and corporate actions
  • Multiple notifications can be sent for the same event, for example, a notification warning of a forthcoming corporate action event can be sent to a client, but a different message can be sent to the relationship manager to advise of all clients affected
  • Includes a pop-up notification window on the user desktop
  • A dashboard tracks the events generated and delivered by the application
  • Users can view notifications generated by the application and can view the client for which they were delivered
  • User friendly editor for ease of configuring notification messages

Technical Overview

OneNotify is a Java based application and will support both the JBoss and Websphere application servers in a windows, Unix or Linux environment. It operates with an open database layer and can be implemented on Sybase, MS SQL and Oracle.