High Net Worth Customers

Enabling your bank to
provide Private Clients with the service they deserve

Supporting Private Clients requires comprehensive platforms

High net worth customers require a diverse range of products and services which place high demands on the wealth platform and require a broad range of functions to be effectively implemented and supported. OneAston is well renowned for its extensive experience in Private Banking and ensuring our customers achieve comprehensive and quality solutions.

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Management Consultancy

Central to the OneAston solution model is our focus on providing access to specialised consultants with either the business or technical expertise necessary to provide the detailed advice required. Our business consultants are known for their solid understanding of the industry and subject matter expertise on the various aspects of the Private Banking Market. Similarly our technical consultants have been extensively trained on the platforms we support and are able to ensure clients are well briefed on how to get the best from their solutions platforms.

Keeping up with industry evolution

Private Banking is an industry on the move, with the diversity of investment products evolving and the increasing emphasis on KYC and effective compliance, platform evolution is key. Based on the constant exposure to the market, our teams are directly involved in addressing these challenges and are able to provide the necessary advice and expertise as to how implement effective solutions. This is a key focus of OneAston to ensure that as a partner of our customers, we are able to support them through the challenges associated with the industry evolution and the pressure this places on their wealth platforms.

Leveraging Model Bank Processes for Implementation

Based on many years of experience in implementing Private Banking solutions, OneAston has developed a number of model bank processes and features which dramatically increase the ability to deploy effective solutions. Many of our customers who have deployed the Temenos Triple’A plus platform have also deployed the OneAston processes to allow them to achieve speedy and cost effective implementations.

In addition, using our experienced implementation team, OneAston is able to provide the expertise necessary to guide our clients through to a successful completion of the projects we undertake. Our implementation services include:

  • Project Management
  • Solution Design and Configuration
  • Interface Design and Development
  • Web Channel Design and Development
  • Report Design and Development
In addition, we are able to leverage our offshore development centre to increase the development capacities and cost efficiencies in the solutions we implement.

Key Expertise

Our specialised expertise encompasses the following key areas:

  • Front to Back transaction flows including front office, middle an back office role
  • Client On-boarding
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Portfolio Performance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Investment Profiling
  • Investment Strategies
  • Transaction Settlement
  • Accounting Entries and Postings
  • Fees
  • Collateral Management and Credit Management
  • Corporate Actions Processing
  • Standard market data interfaces
  • Instrument master database incorporating local compliance requirements
  • Pre-Trade Compliance Checks and Input Controls
  • Deal Execution
  • Internal Transaction processes (e.g. renewals, maturities)
  • Transaction Advices
  • Customer Statement
  • Operations Reporting
  • MIS Reporting