and Pensions

Implementing core platforms
for supporting retirement wealth management.

Optimising the effectiveness of
retirement wealth solutions

Superannuation and Pensions form the fundamental basis of retirement wealth savings and accumulation and are now a major element of the wealth industry. With the growing importance of this segment, OneAston has established key expertise to support financial institutions in the implementation and efficiency of their pension fund platforms.

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Management Consultancy

Central to the OneAston solution model is our focus on providing access to specialised consultants with either the business or technical expertise necessary to provide the detailed advice required. Our business consultants are known for their solid understanding of the industry and subject matter expertise on the various aspects of pensions and superannuation. Similarly our technical consultants have been extensively trained on the platforms we support and are able to ensure clients are well briefed on how to get the best from their solutions platforms.

Keeping up with industry evolution

The Pension and Superannuation markets are constantly subjected to taxation and regulatory changes, notwithstanding the need to improve operating efficiency and client servicing. This is a key focus of OneAston to ensure that as a partner of our customers, we are able to support them through the challenges associated with the industry evolution and the pressure this places on their wealth platforms.

Implementation Services

Based on an experienced implementation team, OneAston is able to provide the expertise necessary to guide our clients through to a successful completion of the projects we undertake. Our implementation services include:

  • Project Management
  • Solution Design and Configuration
  • Interface Design and Development
  • Web Channel Design and Development
  • Report Design and Development
In addition, we are able to leverage our offshore development centre to increase the development capacities and cost efficiencies in the solutions we implement.

Key Expertise

Our specialised expertise encompasses the following key areas:

  • Fund Distribution
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Operations processing
  • Workflows
  • Advisor Remuneration
  • Shareholder and Registry
  • Transitions Migration
  • Data Quality
  • Taxation Processing